Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brooklyn Beauty

I could see myself living here.

(wooden orb, however, needs to roll right on out of there.....)

I'm curious about what's up in that little loft.....and what function it serves.....


Love the kitchen, but how do you feel about *all* those open shelves along the kitchen/living room walls?  (And cute little doggies don't belong on kitchen counters!)

YES to the bed and everything except the superfluous large black mirror.

Pretty.  Painted Floors.

Perfection in white - cozy bed nook and killer sconces.

That's a much better spot for a cute little doggie!

The Brooklyn Home Company will have 15 new homes available in the fall.
Lucky New Yorkers.


  1. OH Good! You are back! :) This home is tdf! Can't wait to see the others!

  2. I love love love that bed! And I don't know if that thing over the fireplace is a Louise Nevelson or a knockoff, but me wantey.

  3. This makes me want to print copious amounts of fake currency and run away to New York.

  4. This just confirms that I would love to live in a NY brownstone... missed you :) xx

  5. Totally agree on all counts! Dreamy! I just got back from NY and really didn't want to leave...

  6. Love those library lights in the bathroom! Gorgeous spaces all!

  7. Can't imagine those stairs without ANY railing!

  8. Hello Kim!! Welcome!
    Libby, I didn't even notice that before. I'd definitely need a railing!

  9. the little loft nook thingy?? def a time-out for naughty doggies who amazingly can jump onto counters...

  10. Hello Ramona! Welcome!!
    So true -- he is a naughty doggie;jumping up on counters like that. ;)

  11. beautiful, but I would love a little more color. I love the way places like this look but feel like if I lived in an all white and brown environment I'd go nuts. I so want to hang in that nook. And get that orb from the movie Cocoon, outta there.


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