Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have you ever smelled a pair of Frye boots fresh out of the box and other randomness...

Anyone who knows me knows I am a shoeaholic and when fall comes around, boots are my shoe-of-choice.  Frye boots are divine.
If you're anywhere near our great town of Charlottesville or Lynchburg, VA,  Bittersweet is the Frye source you've been looking for.

WHY does this bug me SO MUCH?!

I don't even watch the damn show!!!!

If you need an amazing, beautiful, soft beyond belief, cozy-warm throw this fall; go here:

I used to sell their products at pillow mint.  
Picture:  Palermo lambswool and cashmere throw.  HERE

And for my last bit of randomness, I would love to chunk it up and wear these TED ROSSI bangles this fall!  Ummmm-Hmmmm....

Happy Hump Day.


  1. I share your lust for Frye, but damn they are pricey! I've been snatching up vintage pairs for a while now. So much more cost effective.

  2. Love the boots! Bought some last year and am just waiting for a freaking cold day to wear them! An the ENTIRE Cast of Dancing With The Stars is gross. David "alcoholic" Hasselhoff? Audrina Patridge? I don't watch either but I may just to see the carnage.

  3. have i! i think i have 7 pairs of frye boots! i love them! they fit over my big calves! they last forever! they are strong and sturdy and they update their looks! LOVE THEM!

  4. OMG - those cozy throws look Uh-MA-zing!

  5. I am so ready to put my boots on!!!


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