Thursday, September 2, 2010

Art For Sale

I sent the following email to my friends and family this morning.
For today's post I want to showcase Chris' artwork and thought perhaps my blog readers would be interested in purchasing a painting (or two).

Dear Friends and Family,
My friend, Chris Rowland, is selling off his inventory of paintings.  He is selling each one (regardless of size) for $500.
This is an amazing price for his work.....he sent me an email asking if I knew of anyone who might be interested.

I have attached a small sampling of his work. 
Here is a little bio:

"My intent as an artist has always been to convey a reality found in the illusion. The challenge for me is to “see” how colors induce emotion within the human spirit and to bring that to my canvas for the viewer...
I am quick to see that I am only a student in this veritable plane of inspiration, a child from the beginning."  -Chris Rowland

Christopher Rowland was born and raised on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, at Lame Deer, Montana. Rowland found his escape from his oppressive upbringing in painting. The youthful, exuberant Rowland sold his first 18" x 24" oil painting during his sophomore year in high school. That same year Rowland signed his first commercial contract to design tee-shirt logos with Bears Den of Colstrip, MT.
A short few years later, at only 20 years of age, he painted his first commissioned portrait of the twin children of fellow Northern Cheyenne, Leroy Spang.  Rowland met Jack Hines and Jessica Zemsky, his first mentors, at the Toucan Gallery in Billings, MT, in 1988. Upon seeing Rowland's work they offered him a scholarship to their two week workshop in Big Timber. Hines later wrote an article for Southwest Art Magazine praising Rowland’s skill.
Two years later, Rowland was commissioned to design capital pieces for the Bronx Zoo, New York City. His art is prominently displayed there in the Northern Ponds, between the Tiger and Bear exhibitions. The unveiling of the new exhibit was captured in a highly acclaimed spread in the New York Times and L.A. Times. In Montana, Rowland was featured on NPR's Native News with reporter, Jackie Yamanaka.

There is a lot more to Chris' background/bio, but I think the paintings speak for themselves.  No more words needed. 

If you like Chris' style, there are many more paintings to choose from (I just picked some of my favorites to showcase in this email).
Let me know!


This is a photo of Chris with one of his paintings.

This is me at a small exhibit Chris had this past spring.  ;)

It goes without saying that these paintings in person are much more vibrant, real and stunning than on the computer screen.
Email me if you are interested in purchasing something....he has more!
Anita Davis -


  1. Beautiful. He's very talented :) Good luck to him.

  2. I am going to pass this artwork along to a few people I know out west.
    Really beautiful work.

  3. That stuff would go over HUGE in my part of the world. Really beautiful!

  4. those are phenom!
    i esp love the lady with the red forehead and the horses..

  5. I just stumbled across your site. Chris's work is amazing. My wife worked at a conference in Billings in 1997 and the person who was in charge gave us a beautiful print by Chris of a boy trying on a Chief's headress. The colours are amazing. He is talented. I hope we get to see him on our local Native News report someday since they frequently feature artists.


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