Friday, October 29, 2010

Real. Real Creepy. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Yo.

photos by Tim Flach


  1. YIKES! The stuff of nightmares for sure....eeeeek!

  2. Don't they look kind of cute when they are all wrapped up in their wings? The problem is when they open their mouths. Ugh. They are freaky. Perfect pics for Halloween!!! Have a happy one.

  3. Yo!....wait, wait, wait....there is NO way those can be REAL. please tell me that's fake! Crikeys! Bats are even MORE creepy than I ever thought!
    I remember in 8th grade we went on a wilderness trip and we went to the Ozarks in Arkansas. We had to go inside this cave, where of course it was pitch black. There was a stream below us, and it was SUPER narrow, so our leader told us to just face the cave wall, hold on to the wall and skootch side to side until we got to a wider space to walk. Well, I don't have to tell you what were on those walls that I had to cling too. Yes, bats. And did I say it was pitch black? Can you imagine a bunch of 8th grade girls wearing Madonna t-shirts and braces clinging to a wall of BATS in some random cave ? I can laugh now. But kinda scarred me. Not much of a Camper now. hahahah

  4. that would've totally freaked me out, kellie!
    yikes!! did you actually touch the bats?!


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