Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweet Paul(!)

If you haven't checked out the online foodie magazine, sweet paul, you're in for a treat.  Not only are the photographs superb, the recipes look doable and delicious.
I'm thinking of trying the beef bourguignon for this weekend.  Yum.

Holy Mother of Cakes!!  Have you ever seen anything that looks this delicious?  Someone better make this and report back....(I'm currently not eating sugar, so I won't be indulging.)

A great BLOG too!  :)


  1. Great Magazine! My hsuband is the foodie in our family so I will pass this to him. He will love it!

  2. Holy Mother of Cakes is RIGHT!
    this (almost) makes me want to cook!
    but i am defintely forwarding this post on to several friends, as it looks so yummy.

  3. Love your comment
    "Holy mother of cakes"
    Sweet paul

  4. hello paul!! thanks for stopping by; and thanks for the comment.
    that cake truly looks divine.


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