Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Little Stool

This funny little stool was in my mom's bedroom since I can remember.
She told me it was a "Spanish Labor Stool."  Apparently, the purpose of this seat was for women in labor to sit on it and grab onto the side handles to get through the pain of contractions.
I'm not sure where she heard this; Google knew nothing of the Spanish Labor Stool.  

She was getting rid of it and I snatched it up.

So now, questions:  should I use this fabric I had lying around to recover the seat?  Would you paint the wood?  Do I need new nailheads?  Or should I leave this little guy alone (keep in mind that that is not is ugly, ahem, faux leather!)

p.s.  sorry about the craptastic pictures. 


  1. Do it. Upholstery it!! I think it will look great. You may have to get new nailheads. But I wouldn't refinish or paint the wood if it was me. I kind of like the look of it.

  2. It'll look awesome upholstered! That fabric is perfect.

  3. I'm ok with the faux leather, but upholstery could be nice, too.

    I love the unpainted wood.

  4. I thinking a hyde of some sort. Cow? Goat? Pony? Faux of course ;)


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