Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will You Be Hosting Thanksgiving?

Is everyone coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner?
If so, you'll need to set the table....

Personally, I prefer rustic over fancy; linen to lace.
If you're looking for the perfect linens to buy, look no farther than

{Although this is a total endorsement of Libeco Linens, unfortunately I was not  paid for this post!}

For ALL your linen needs/wants, and you live near or are traveling through Charlottesville, Carlin at C & A Camp carries Libeco. 


  1. Anita wonderful examples of a very homey Thanksgiving linens table. My sisiter Cynthis is hostessing this year! So I will be bringing Kugle and Wine!

    Come and enter my new do not have to go to Facebook now! I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Those are lovely. So much better than a shiny damask.


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