Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

My favorite thing about Christmas morning was running downstairs and seeing my stocking stuffed, bulging big and heavy, hanging on the mantle.
My sister and I were allowed to "open" our stockings before waking our parents.  I loved it!!

Here are some cute ides to stuff your little ones' stockings:

Cute garden boot!

tin kaleidoscope

Lollipop Soaps
$4.99 World Market Stores

Jonathan Adler Sticky Notes

Badger Lip Balm

Rose 4 Reines Bath Soap

Drumstick pencils

Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

Ice Cubes chocolates
Girls Argyle Knee Socks

Coldbuster Waterproof mittens

Poprocks Candy Cane

Girls open flower screw back earrings

Peppermint Cocoa Mix


  1. These are so good! I wish I would find a few of them in my stocking, but every year we get 800 pounds of candy -- just what I need to cap off a season of overeating.

  2. Would you believe that we didn't have stockings? I knew of them, in theory, because of stories and movies, but I didn't know people got little toys in them. When I went to college, a roommate clued me in.

    BTW: the Curious Orange place is out in Ivy, in the building that used to be an oil company. It's on the right. I believe it's past Bellair Market but before the Volvo dealer.

  3. my favorite bit on christmas eve, stuffing the stocking.


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