Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday Is My One Day Off

I haven't started yet.
Not one garland in place....

Not one stocking hung....

Not one cookie baked....

Not one tree in place....

But I did go to Matthew's hockey game, had a glorious three hour nap, folded lots of laundry, and took William to Wendy's so we could try the new french fries. 

photos:  Canadian House & Home


  1. OMG! How were the french fries? Because seriously, I keep telling my husband that I want to try them. The commercials make them look so good! XX!

  2. HA! I am a french fry freak, Shari. (In fact, I kinda begged my son to go with me to get them!) They are *really* good. Like, really good! ;)

  3. haha! you win - and I'm sure you'll get to it!

  4. Jealous of your those fries and a 3 hour nap would have been more than wonderful!

  5. I ate at Wendy's on my way home tonight!! The fries were darn good.

  6. I'm really going to have to try those fries now! Sounds like you had a really nice day.

  7. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Those fries are delicious!! :)

  8. A long nap and Wendy's new fries sound like the perfect day to, how were they..the fries? :)

  9. Naps and fries. Yes! You're my kind of girl. Beautiful post!


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