Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Do You Think of this Winning Design?

Lee Broom's Carpetry Sideboard won 'Best British Design' in the The British Design Awards 2010, brought to you by ELLE Decoration.

"A fine fusion of tradition and novelty, this lacquered sideboard features a Wilton carpet front. The pattern is based on antique Persian rugs, but with British influences woven in: the Tudor rose and motifs borrowed from the crown jewels also appear. £5,850."

I'm on the fence with this.  One minute I love it, the next minute I think it's 'meh' at best.
What say you?


  1. From a distance it appears tiled and I like that. Up close when you can see it is carpet, it's a thumbs down!

    Art by Karena

  2. Luvs!
    Original, sleek and totally unexpected.

  3. I agree with Karena. The wide shots are intriguing, but up close, it looks like a DIY job on a piece of pedestrian furniture.

    Let's buy a dresser from Ikea, carpet it and see if we can sell it for $5k.

  4. J and K: do you think it's actual carpet?! I had the impression that it was just a print of a carpet somehow lacquered on...
    Alcira: I too love that it's totally unexpected!

  5. I definitely think it looks better from a distance but up close, it looks cheap.

  6. You're probably one would win an award for gluing carpet on a dresser. There must be a more intricate process involved.

  7. the shape is pretty, the size. not sure about the pattern. i seem to like it when it stands alone rather than against the brick wall with all the hokey accessories.

  8. "One minute I love it, the next minute I think it's 'meh' at best."


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