Monday, January 17, 2011

Classic Beauty

OK, so my dream would be to have any one of these photographs (in a HUGE size) hanging in my house.  Better yet, it would be so big it would have to lean against the wall.

The fact that a sculptor can evoke such emotion, movement, and detail from stone fascinates me.  The fact that Jamie can photograph so exquisitely in black and white excites me.

You must check out From Me to You.

All photos:  HERE


  1. How very beautiful.
    Isn't it amazing how the black and white photography breathes even more life to the marble?
    Beyond moving.

  2. Anita,

    There is nothing like the sight of an amazing sculpture; now brought to further life by a fine art photographer! Off to see more of Jamie's work!


    Art by Karena

  3. it always feele like they are going to talk back at you... ha!

  4. ya, wow, these are amazing! it reminds me of all the museums i've been to in Europe! so pretty! thanks for sharing these!

  5. Gorgeous shots! I did the same thing when I was in Italy and took a bunch of close ups of statues. I love them in black and white. And yes, it's amazing what they could carve out of stone back then...just the fabrics alone amaze me!

  6. Exquisite - Jamie is a fabulous photographer. I have seen her work before. You could always ask her how large she can print.

  7. yes, amazed by the detail in the hands and feet.

  8. um, these are FANTASTIC! i kind of love the cropped shots. it is nice to get in close and see all that is going on. just fantastic!

  9. I love these! It brings me back to our trip to Florence where I shot a bunch of statue pics - they just never grow old! :)


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