Monday, January 17, 2011

Prettiest Dresses

These were my two absolute favorites from the Golden Globes!


  1. I totally agree. I thought Claire Danes looked stunning. I'm surprised some others didn't like the design of the dress. She's always been one to be simple and elegant.

  2. I had a hard time getting really excited about any of the dresses last night!

  3. MY fav.Olivia Wilde (think her hair would look better up) in a bronze sequined ball gown by Marchesa!
    Anita, it is puffy, sort of brown, sparkley, has a **CRINOLINE PETTICOAT** ( I am a tutu FREAK)& is strapless(comfortable)!
    If I had that dress, would throw my hair in a big ole scarf, hoops and boots THEN would walk all over & sleep in it:), as Id prob. be thrown in the "big house" I LOVE that dress.
    The ones you picked are OK, but mine is much better, wink!

  4. did you see the back of Anne's dress? wowza!

  5. i only like one of the two, and i kind of can't stand the chick in it. lol!

  6. I liked the orange dress that the girl from superbad and easy A wore. Can't remember her name...but gorgeous dress.

  7. I loved Sandra Bullock's even though no one else seemed to (from the blogs I read).


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