Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Hottie Is Taking Over

Jay Fielden (former editor of the now defunct Men's Vogue) will take over  
Town & Country.
Apparently, Stephen Drucker made the decision "to leave the company."  He has been there less than a year.

Read all about it here.

Found this tid-bit on Decorno, who always has her finger on the pulse.


  1. I use to dislike T & C, about one year ago I noticed a change I really enjoyed.
    Think the addition of Jay Fielden from Mens Vogue will be another postive.
    BTW, I use to think T & C was a "seen & be seen" mag. Obviously the prices for jewels, clothes & travel are def. for the 1% im not in, plus Im sick of those places (yes been to a few)
    My darling beloved father in law (he thought I was pretty) wanted me to put my wedding portrait in T & C, I would do ANYTHING in the world for my "second" father, ANYthing, BUT that.
    I told him, not a chance in hell. Wouldnt you just know the portrait artist used my portrait for a damn ad in T & C. grrrrrrrr, guess my dear father in law got his way, in a round about way ha!
    Can feel the wind of change for a longstanding pub. that is very welcomed, at least, by me!


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