Thursday, January 20, 2011

She's Having A Baby

My sister is pregnant!!  I am over the moon about this.  Their three year old daughter gets a sibling, and I get a niece or nephew!  Joy.

ASOS has some very cute maternity wear.  (When I think back on the clothing I had to endure throughout my pregnancies, I do believe the gag reflex is involved.  Where were these clothes then?!)

All clothing:  ASOS
(The maternity line is a small portion of ASOS; they have regular clothes too!)

Congratulations, Shannon and Mike!!  :)


  1. Just found your blog from Southern Bourbon Mountains and I must say Me Likey. Great maternity picks, wish I had clothes that cute when I was preggo! Loving your blog, I am your newest follower.

  2. Hi Natalie!! Welcome, and Thanks for following!

  3. Wow! That's so awesome! I know what you mean about the clothes. Mine were heinous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Baby! My best friend is having her first in July! It's gonna be a great summer.

  4. Congratulations Auntie!
    What wonderful news.
    Indeed, the preggo fashion crazed hit literally the day after I gave birth over 5 years ago now.
    I'm hoping to endure fewer wardrobe malfunctions should a second opportunity to gain 40 lbs. arise ;)

  5. Jen: isn't someone else's pregnancy so much fun?!
    Alcira: Just think how bad it was *12* years ago!
    (and I gained 50 lbs with each bouncing baby boy!) :)

  6. That is awesome!! Expanding families are always fun. My brother and sister in law cannot wait for us to have our kids first...but they're going to have to wait for a while longer :)

  7. Natalie: my husband was obviously logged on last!!
    Sorry to freak you out (if you read the little welcome!)

  8. So exciting...and what a beautiful couple!!

  9. gorgeous couple! the bigger question is why didn't WE come up with the idea to make maternity wear hip and sexy??!


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