Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Works for Vogue, Married to a Billionaire and Gorgeous...

Lauren Santo Domingo is letting us in to have a look at her apartment!

 I like the giraffe skull.  I like the copper seat and the way too big coffee table; but I loooove the couch!  (Is it leather or fabric?  Either way, I'll take it.)

 Bronze statue of her dog, Georgie.  Artist: E. Cunningham

 Hippo Bar = instant fun!

 Stunning; one and all.

This is where I get a little stumped.  I'm not sure what I expected for "her" bathroom, but this photo does nothing for me.

Jonathan Adler desk, Kelly Wearstler dice.  
Don't you love the chair?  And I see at least 4 pairs of shoes I'd love to call my own.

 Ms. Santo Domingo is expecting in April and turning this TV room into the nursery.  She said she'll be taking down the General Mao images. 
Watch the slideshow and read more HERE.


  1. Totally Stylin'!

    I loved these louche, layered, totally unorthodox digs.
    More power to 'em -- though I would've let sleeping dogs lie and left Mao presiding over the nursery ;)
    Cheers, Alcira


  2. I'll take everything but Mao! :)

    It's not my usual style, but I love that ginormous sofa and that hulk of a cocktail table. Awesome.

  3. I gotta tell you- I really didnt know what to expect, but the living room is very strange to me. There is a lot that I love about it. But im not feeling the big dog and the giraffe head. All the power to her.

    And yea, the bathroom is nothing special. Im surprised they even included it in the tour.

  4. the bathroom is just victim to bad lighting and an uninviting angle.

    although the beige counter isn't so awesome. is it marble? maybe its prettier in a brighter light?
    the rest is cool. i like it.

  5. Absolutely breathtaking! The bar is my personal favourite:) and also have to agree on you about the chair standing by her desk, gorgeous!
    All in all, a stunning place with a range of uniqueness!

  6. Eeeeee- GAD! I dunno babe. I'm gonna have to spend some time on this one as my first reaction was sort of physically negative. I'll be back with a more thoughtful and researched comment after I do some stalking. Trying to be not so "knee-jerk" in 2011 ;)

  7. The bathroom is just strange. The hippo bar looks fascinating and the chair at the desk, oh my lovely!

  8. she's definitely got a lot of conversation pieces in there! love the huge coffee table and that desk chair :)

  9. That bar rocks my world. Oh my god. Also, check out my blog for my top 3 books of 2010, just for you :)

  10. K. I went, I saw, I read. " there is a neon-pink stump stool, which I bought because my friend Amanda Brooks told me that every house has to have a “wart,” or one really ugly piece." Yes. Key word being "ONE?" I give it an A for uniqueness which I always prefer over the rest. Did I love? Ehhhhh....Not so much. Great post Mama!!

  11. Xavier Lalanne hippo bar? Hell yes. That bathroom? No. Not that it's bad, per se, just not in keeping with the rest of the bombasticnessosity.

    I just made that up.

  12. like the house but the animals and skull and a bit on the "not so much" side


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