Monday, January 10, 2011

Sometimes Drama is a Good Thing

Several years ago, I vowed to try and keep the drama in my life at bay.  Most of the time, drama (for me) is not a good thing.
This kind, however, is really good.  Get a big-ass photograph and put some gorgeous curtains to make a frame.  Instant drama -- the good kind!

{p.s. I NEED THIS PENDANT for my stairwell.}

photos: living, etc.


  1. That pendant is a great find! Hope you are have a great start to 2011!

  2. that pendant is it....

  3. I love the big blown-up image. Not so crazy about the curtains...

  4. Love the pendant - it looks like the small owl lantern from Soane - love everything they do!

  5. emotional drama is never good... love the pendant!

  6. I love this concept! I'm confused though, is the door part of the art? Either way the combination is fantastic and that fabric is calling my name!

  7. I think we both need that pendant -- and badly.

    BTW, I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award.
    It's a bit like a bloggy chain-letter, I've found, so don't feel compelled to play along. I just wanted to let you know you'd be up at Nero for the day.

    If you'd like to snag the button for your site, you can check it out here:

    Cheers, Alcira

  8. Oh man, this is JUST my kind of style! Love this! XX!


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