Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zara Sale!

Wow!  Zara is having one hell of a sale!
Don't you love that?

woollen cloth coat $89.99

 printed straight coat $99.99

short sleeve sweater $12.99

trousers with buttons on waist $29.99

checked trousers $19.99

leather rivet ankle boot $59.99

leather country boot $69.99

 leather blucher soft $39.99

leather ankle boot clog $79.99

leather handbag with chains $29.99

And SO much more!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Anita! I got my coat at their winter sale last year for $50. They always have so much great stuff on sale.

  2. Yay for a Zara sale!

    I'm wearing one of my favourite Zara dresses (from Madrid) as I type this - a bright orange multi-print maxi dress.

    I hear Zara is opening a store here in Melbourne very, very soon... oh the suspense!

  3. Darn you! I can't resist. That bag is fantastic!

  4. Hello May! Thanks for coming by -- lucky you to be getting a Zara store in your city!!

  5. Ooooweee, I love me some Zara! Thanks for letting us know about the sale!

  6. I know -- Erin: check out all their shoes (at incredible prices!)
    Me too, Aimee!!

  7. I've bought some great shoes at Zara. Love that leopard coat! Wish there was a store near me - the shopping I've done has been in Toronto and Ireland :)

  8. Those are so cute! Love the leopard and you know the price is right!
    ~ elizabeth

  9. I love everything! I can't figure out how you buy things on the website though. Can you only get it in the store?!

  10. Hi Elizabeth! :)
    Abby: I don't think you can buy off the website; I know for sure there is a store in DC -- maybe there's one in Richmond?


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