Thursday, February 24, 2011

So long, farewell...

Auf wiedersehen, good night...

Thanks, everyone; it's been real.
I'm putting The Dreamer's Den to bed.

I need to unplug, read some books, take my dog on more walks, paint the trim around the french doors, and do some laundry(!)
Also, I just feel done with blogging in general.

I'd love to stay in touch!  I'm on Facebook (Anita Severn Davis) or send me an email:

Love to you all!
Take it easy,


  1. Anita! I wil miss you but you know what is best for you. Hope all is well and many hugs to you. xo

  2. You will be missed!!

    Take care of yourself,

    The Townhouselady

  3. Dearest Anita,

    Clearly you've made up your mind and have set your sights towards lofty life priorities.
    It's been wonderful getting to know you and I wish you nothing but the best. Enjoy those books, those long, lovely walks and yes, even the piles of clean, white laundry.
    And if you do decide to get your blog back on, we'll all be here.
    Hugs and so long, but never farewell....
    Keep in touch, Alcira

  4. Awww Anita...say it ain't so! So sad for us but understand that you are probably so excited for all the free time and things to come. I have truly enjoyed your blog and all your witty commentary on design and such. Best Wishes for the future!!!!

  5. My reaction when I saw this was to smile...but that's probably because I know you are happy about this decision and that I still get to see you!

    I know you must spend a considerable amount of time finding all of these great inspiration pictures. You always have something new and fresh that hasn't been covered before. What's more, your style has definitely expanded my horizons considerably!

    Thank you, Anita! Facebook request sent. :)

  6. Anita! I will miss you but I understand the feeling of wanting your life back. I've really enjoyed your inspiration and your thoughtful comments.
    I wish all the happiness you can stand as you move into the future.
    Hopefully we can be "friends" too! I will send you a Facebook request ASAP.

  7. Blog-Shmog...You go ahead and take a break honey-pie. If you ever get the itch to share a great thought, inspiration or BravoShitTalkFest, I'm a text away! You don't need a blog to share and connect right? In fact I expect many a text Sunday night when Camille Donatucci & Anne Hathaway ruin the Oscars. ;)

  8. This brings me such sadness, but I totally understand the need to devote more time to real life!

    Headed over to FB so we can keep in touch.


  9. Oh Anita - I will miss you!! But I understand - it is so very time consuming and many other projects here get put on hold as well. I will "friend" you on facebook and hopefully stay in touch.

  10. Oh no Anita, you have ben a true life saver for me. I know you are doing what is best for you.....though hoping you will be back one day.

    We know how much it takes to keep up with it all.

    Love and Hugs

  11. Thanks so much for the love. I truly feel it!
    All of you have been the best friends I've never met!

  12. So sorry to hear it but happy for you- I know it's probably bittersweet. Enjoy yourself and we'll be here if you ever decide you miss us too much! Xo

  13. Awwww, but totally understand. Enjoy getting back to smelling the roses.

  14. I will miss you and your inspiring blog, also having you around, always leaving such nice and loving comments!
    I think it´s good though to follow your heart and listen to your inner voice. Good luck to you and your new 'Unplugged Life':)!
    All my Love

  15. Take a break and hope will see you again someday.

  16. Well- there you have it! I have never ever commented - yet enjoyed you....and now you're gone. I had you on my Gmail home page and now there's a big blank spot- Thanks! and Thanks for everything- whim, whimsey, chance or not...I SO ..adored your spot! Ciao Bella...thank you!

  17. Oh my goodness, I just saw this :(

    Totally understand as I have contemplated this many times myself. Go out and enjoy real life!!

    I'm going to friend you! So if you ever want to chime in on my loft progress on FB, please do!


  18. Anita: I'm SO sorry to hear this. There's been a lot, recently, about blogging and it does seem you are not alone in ending the blog. I'm just glad you've kept it visible instead of totally...disappearing.
    You were one of my first followers and supporters, and I've met some great people through your blog! But, yes, I most certainly understand.
    I'll connect on FB and hope to see you there. Take care my friend!

  19. I hope you are enjoying your free time. You are missed.

  20. just stopping in and saying "hello"~ will find you on facebook to keep in touch. Enjoy life my friend!

  21. Oh no! I'm so sorry to see you go... but I understand. I've loved reading and loved your posts! I just sent you an email that will seem silly in light of the news that you're closing up shop. Regardless... we'll miss you!


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