Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Travel Lust Wednesday

Let's just embrace winter, shall we? 
There is no better way to spend your short winter days and long winter nights than holed up in a French Alps chalet.  (Some of you may find the Alps a perfect place for skiing, I find them a perfect place to be holed up in a chalet!)

Welcome to Ferme de Moudon.
This is a 17th century chalet that has been completely renewed and renovated by owner and designer Nicky Dobree.

This magical chalet in the quaint town of Les Gets sleeps 10. 
I'll bring the coffee and a stack of shelter mags, you can bring your skis! 


  1. Lovely and cozy.
    If one must have winter, let us Moudon, shall we?
    I'm bring the "extra" coffee and the nibbles ;)

  2. Well you know that I've been lusting after alpine locales like this all winter!! How fabulous! I'm with you -although I'd love to try the skiing, I'd be just as happy louning in this beautiful retreat!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm with you as well...inside the chalet, or the hot tub with the champagne provided.


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