Wednesday, February 9, 2011

She Who Loves Butterflies and Design That Makes Me Say, "Hot Damn!"

Wednesday and Thursday nights are hockey nights and waiting for my son's practice to end provides me with an hour to peruse Barnes & Noble.
I always make a beeline to the magazine section.  I love the magazine racks; all those fresh glossy beauties winking at me from their shelf.

For the first time in a long time, I was drawn to the cover of Architectural Digest.
Flipping through was delightful, but finding Daphne Guiness' spectacular Manhattan apartment was jaw-dropping.

I wanted somebody (anybody, really) to join me in my magazine gawk.

Caption reads:  "A colossal 2003 Damien Hirst butterfly painting, Another Amazing Transcendental Experience, and a circa-1050 Jansen palm tree floor lamp from Maison Gerard greet visitors in the entry hall.

Funny, this is not my typical style.  I'm not sure why I'm so completely taken with this space.  (I know one lovely blogger who shares the butterfly love, though!)
I do believe, however, I could put every single item, on it's own, in my house and it would fit right in. 

I was quite lucky to find these images scanned by 2THEWALLS.COM
(A very good post accompanies the pictures -- great read!!)

I'll buy the March issue of AD next time I'm in Barnes & Noble.  I need to ooh and ahh over Donna Karan's home.


  1. Love it Anita will check out the links Fabulous Art, wow!

    Art by Karena

  2. Oh my gosh, Arch Digest is back! I don't think I've been excited by a picture from that mag in years.

  3. i haven't been out of the house since saturday. i neeeed to get to a barnes and noble STAT!

  4. Dearest Anita,

    I literally flipped over at the bookstore when I saw this adventurous pad.
    AD is back and better than ever, methinks.
    And of course you were right, the Damien Hirst butterfly art had me hurting something fierce ;)
    Hugs, Alcira

  5. This was an incredible issue - but we knew Margaret Russell was going to do great things there. Guinness's pad is an amazing eclectic mix - so creative!!

  6. It reminds me so much of those classic NYC apartments I used to see in my mom's old 1970's magazines. I just love the mix.

  7. I was just looking through this AD yesterday! Love it.

  8. You are showing us a lot of beauty here! I love looking at all the details. I takes a while, that I like:)!
    Happy weekend!


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