Monday, April 25, 2011

Color Me Happy (With a Marjorie Skouras Design)

Nice nook, yes?


  1. You knew I'd love this! Very very nice nook.

  2. Yes indeed! Love all the pillows and sun streaming in.

  3. Ok Mrs.Color:) nook yes, sun yes, red not for me!
    But you know that. My nook would be grayish hand blocked paper with even a hint of gold (surprise rather than silver) possibility black in design (think my guest bath)
    That the only change & YES (faint) I would have that color purple I like for some pillows:)AND the under part would be storage for my possum blanket, snugglier pillows & books.Oh & bottle of absinthe (nope I dont drink) just sounds superfly, wink


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