Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lonny's Older, More Refined Sister

The newest online magazine went live today.
Holy Moly, this is a big, huge site.  If it were a true, hold in your hand shelter mag, it would rival Vogue's September issue in its size!

Of course I didn't read every word, or devour every photo (that will take the better part of three days) but to give you a sense of Trad Home, I pulled some of the gorgeous bedroom shots.  I have a soft spot for bedrooms, don'tcha know.

 I couldn't resist pulling these next two shots -- Megan Rice Yager and Robert Passal have designed their asses off in these houses:

{This color scheme might be my new springtime favorite!}

{I love every bit and color of this space.}

Is it coming????  The end of print magazines???
I really hope not -- but the online ones are blowing the print ones out of the water lately.  What do you think?


  1. I loved reading it today! I have a bias, because one of our own is featured in the top twenty designers - Callie Jenschke from Scout Designs - but I thought the whole issue was just beautiful! I get tired of looking at my computer screen, and long for the old glossy magazine to hold in my lap (and even smell the pages), but this is better than no shelter magazine at all!! Love the images you chose to feature.

  2. So great Anita I adore the John Robshaw inspired room! Fab!

    Art by Karena

  3. WOW!! Heading over to see it now. You're new fav Springtime color combo, is that persimmon with the apple green? Looks so pretty.

  4. I think I snagged half the images I saw for my Pinterest files!

    I'm confused, though. It's being hosted on the Lonny site. Is it a new monthly? It is a special edition? Is it going to replace either publication?

  5. Off to check it out. The photos you picked here are amazing.

  6. ALWAYS a fan of that green on the couch. Great post! Going in to check in out further.

  7. P.s. I saw this post and the travel bag reminded me of you. Likee?

  8. I need that restoration hardware bed bigtime!

  9. P.S.: I don't know what they're calling that color -- the room reminds me of summertime, maybe watermelon comes to mind!
    Jeannine: I'm not sure if it's just a special issue or a monthly/seasonal pub...I'll have do some research.
    Jen: I want that bag (John Robshaw of course) and those metallic leather flip flops!!!

  10. Loved It! I did the same thing as you though....breeze through and will go back and digest. So much eye candy! This is a great digital mag! I also loved the video with Charlotte Moss and Jonathan Adler.

  11. gah! it looks rad!

    and i think i am the only one on planet earth that doesn't visit on-line mags. i love the print mags! but i guess i should get with the program and try them out!

  12. I think they did a fabulous job with this issue. It really is a wonderful combination of both publications.


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