Monday, April 11, 2011

Nice Job, High Gloss!!

I was just browsing through the latest High Gloss Magazine and was stopped in my tracks by the spread on Cathy Echols' home.

Style galore!

I hope your computer screen can detect that purple deliciousness of the couch below:

Cathy Echols again -- this room is in a client's house.  YUM.

Who can resist a cuddly big, fat kitty?
(Sara Tuttle's bedroom)

Last but not least, kudos to the lovely Michelle Armas of Armas Design fame (one of my fav blogs) and an incredible artist, for being featured in this issue.  Her art rocks.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

Photos:  High Gloss Magazine, Michelle Armas


  1. I loved all these features too. So beautiful! Hey - heads up - Charlie's Etsy shop is full of art cards again!


  2. Anita I am always so excited when I see you and your comments!! Adore this image and all of the images you have shown!

    Adore Armas' art! Fabulous!!

    Art by Karena

  3. I must check out Michelle's art. LOVE that velvet sofa!!

  4. I haven't even had a chance to look at it - but you're certainly tempting me - looks beautiful!!

  5. I didn't even know it was out -- thanks for sounding the alarm!


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