Saturday, April 9, 2011

Market Thoughts #2

 Have a seat.


I was *amazed* at the number of events/lectures/seminars throughout the week at Market.  The one I went to was:

Design Viewpoints Lecture Series:

Marketing Yourself by Design

A lovely lunch was provided and I enjoyed listening to the panel of experts discuss:
"pointers and tips for marketing yourself online through blogging, email outreach, social media, and more."  

Isn't it great to put a face (and voice) to a name?!  Live and in person I got to hear from Tobi Fairley,  Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy; Margot Austin, senior style editor at Style at Home; Brian Patrick Flynn, founder of Décor Demon; and panel moderator Julia Noran of Editor at Large --(which is a totally new-to-me blog that I am now addicted to!!)

These guys know their stuff.  I'm not sure how they get done everything they do (ahem, Tobi Fairley!) but they are out there doing it.  Very inspirational....  
Lots of good advice on blogging:  be authentic; be a stickler for editing; share inside information -- not just what you love -- but at the same time, don't give it all away either!
Be consistent, join twitter, keep it real, and have fun! 
"This isn't brain surgery."  -- Margot Austin.

So, back to the Market experience in general.
The big exhibitors were just that.....big -- lots and lots of merchandise -- lots of people ready to help, and the good ones were filled with the {perfect} lamp, table, sofa, chair, and vase at every turn.

All good, but it was the little booths, with one person - usually the owner/designer - that captivated me just as much.

One such vendor was Ann Yancy Rogers of
She was so friendly, so gracious, and so talented!

She makes these pieces in her studio!  So impressive.

I think I'll leave you with some of the Marc Phillips rugs I wanted to roll around on, naked.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

I'll be back with Diana's pictures....she has one of those handy-dandy iphones!


  1. Would have loved to go to that talk - sounds great!! And I love your finds especially the fabulous lighting!!


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