Monday, May 2, 2011

D.C. Design House

I just read the great article The Washington Post  published about this year's  
D.C. Design House

I can't get to D.C. to see it before it closes on May 8, but I hope my mom and aunt can get there and tell me all about it! 

The 1925 Tudor house is for sale:  $4.9 million

I loved (of course) the before and after photos, but I also loved reading about the design process -- the questions asked of the designers were to the point and informative.  Let's take a look inside!

 Welcome home!  The foyer BEFORE

The foyer AFTER (designed by Liz Levin)
That rug is awesome.

The living room BEFORE

The living room AFTER (designed by Patrick Sutton)
Nice, but I think I would've picked different chandeliers.  Maybe.

The Pool Room BEFORE
(I wonder what they did with those cool side tables?!)

The pool room AFTER (designer Erin Paige Pitts)
I'm not too crazy about this room -- especially the silly starfish hanging.

Master Bedroom Dressing Room BEFORE

Master Bedroom Dressing Room AFTER (designer Iantha Carly)
classic and pretty

The master bedroom BEFORE

The master bedroom AFTER (designer Iantha Carly)  I'll take it!!  This room reminds me of a refreshing citrus dessert.

The gentleman's bedroom BEFORE

The gentleman's bedroom AFTER (designer David Mitchell)  That plaid chair can take a hike, but the rug is yum!

Teenage bedroom BEFORE

Teenage bedroom AFTER (designer Samantha Friedman)
Orange and purple is looking quite fresh.  And symmetry is always a good thing in my book.

The dining room BEFORE

The dining room AFTER (designer Camille Saum)
Is that a moss covered mantle?!  I'd like to ditch those crosses.

The pool kitchen BEFORE

The pool kitchen AFTER (designer Nadia Subaran)
Love!  This might be my favorite of all the redesigns.

Taking into account the designers only had ONE MONTH to get these spaces together, what do you think?

Read all about the D.C. Design House and see more photos HERE.

And it was Jeannine at Small & Chic in C-Ville who let me know about the design house!


  1. Wow - I love it! The prints in the Gents bedroom were so cuuute! And I thought the the EXACT same thing on the pool room end tables. Great minds...

  2. Dramatic changes - all for the better of course!

  3. I was recently at the DC Design House. Absolutely wonderful. The crosses have been replaced by 3 yellow vases, which really make the room.

  4. Wow - I love it. Such great before and afters.

  5. Thanks for the update, Anonymous! I bet the yellow vases look great.

  6. I was there this weekend.

    Patrick Sutton's Living Room is GORGEOUS!!! If you saw the chandeliers in person, they really work well with the space.

    It is a shame that you don't favor the starfish hanging in the Pool Room. It was created by Erin ,and if you saw it in person you might like it. Unless, of course, you don't favor whimsical. I happened to love it. It was one of the many items in the room already sold.

    Camille's Dining Room was one of my favorites. Perhaps it is because it reminded me so much of her... and I think she is a wonderful and colorful individual with a great heart! I agree with your comment about the crosses, and YES... the vases look fantastic!

    Wish I could comment individually about all of them... but I'll just end it here saying that I enjoyed the flow of the home, the colors chosen by the designers, and of course.... the best part of all.... the money raised goes to such a great cause!

    For only having one moth's time.... THEY ROCKED IT!!!!!!

  7. Nice rundown!

    Some interesting touches fo' sho'.
    I'm really digging the simplicity of the kitchen -- and I agree, those were some fun side tables in the pool room ;)

  8. Hello Gloria! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. I'm sure these photographs don't do any of the rooms justice!
    I hope you'll pop by again sometime.

    Alcira -- hi! :)

  9. No mention of my favorite room... Lauren Liess Hideaway room.
    I was there this weekend, all the designers did such a great job and it does feel like there is continuity from room to room.

  10. Hi Wendy!! Thanks for stopping by --
    I love a hideaway room; I'll search out some photos!!

  11. lol i loved everything you said about all the rooms. the kitchen is my favorite. love before and after stuff. thanks for sharing. stumbled across your blog. enjoying reading posts :)

  12. Hi Angel! (I just saw your comment today.)
    Thanks for stumbling across the blog - hope you come back often!

  13. I am sorry but the pool room and the dining room are both awful. I thought something was wrong with the pool room photo because of all the hanging elements. All you see are vertical lines which block the sightlines and confuse the eye. I was in shock regarding the dining room. A moss fireplace? And fabric shirring over the paneling at the window? and a painted floor ? Is that what the yellow and white floor is?? I like whimsy in a room but this looks childish, and like an assortment of craft projects. I would be very upset if I owned this house. Sorry. The other rooms are lovely.


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