Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hippie Rose


I am always amazed how beautifully Lena Brombacher can describe a perfume.  Her words entice and inspire.  I am drawn to this particular perfume because of her words.  I want to smell like this; like a "sophisticated hippie."

Behold the description of James Heeley's Hippie Rose:  

"inspired by India, the hippie movement, Jim Morrison and the beautiful actress Daria Halprin from the 70ies movie Zabriskie Point by Antonioni. The movie takes place in the beautiful sundrenched landscape of the Death Valley and there is a lot of dusk, a beautiful, suntanned girl with long, long hair and huge light blue eyes in a short olive dress – and a beautiful boy of course...

...Of course there is patchouli, but it is built on the idea of freedom, peace and love, it’s just the idea of the hippie era. Heeley managed to make it light and uplifting. The green notes dominate and the sugary elements of rose are contrasted by warm patchouli. To say that it is sweet would be an offense. No, it is mild and flowery with a touch of incense but not overpowering. Did you expect something else from James Heeley who would never annoy anyone with a perfume?"  ~~Lena Brombacher

Hippie Rose is not available yet; I need to start saving up!

Like perfume?  Read Lena's blog:

Hippie Rose by James Heeley


  1. Dear Anita,

    thank you so much for this lovely post! I will ask the woman who is responsible for the distribution when Hippie Rose will be available in the USA. I get back to you soon!

    I love your blog! Got lost in it... and found some inspiration as I am redecorating my apartment at the moment ;-)

    Warm regards, Lena

  2. Well - love learning something new - perfect way to start off my week. I was not aware of Lena's blog or this new perfume - will be checking out both - thank you for the tips!

  3. Hello Lena!! Thanks for the comment - such a treat to hear from you on my little blog!
    I will patiently wait for any info. on Hippie Rose!

    quintessence -- Lena's blog is fantastic; her writing skills are second to none.

  4. I don't really wear perfume, but that description is tempting me to buy some!


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