Friday, August 5, 2011

British Artist John Hoyland

The world lost an amazing artist last weekend; John Hoyland died at the age of 76.  Not being an art historian nor being knowledgeable about many artists, I had never heard of this painter.  

But doing what I do best (trolling the interwebs) I came across one painting, then an obituary, then more paintings, and another.... and what a joy this troll session was!  I can now say that I am a huge fan.

A bit sad isn't it; that artists become more famous and more revered in their death? 

The Daily Telegraph wrote a very good obituary, if you care to learn more about this artist.
Unbelievably, I saw that some originals are still for sale through online resources.  Get them now, people!  Your walls (and your heirs) will thank you.

All photos:  John Hoyland art


  1. The last 2 are fantastic. Great finds, as usual!


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