Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hi! I'm Still Alive, But Just Barely....

Not to be overly dramatic, but this move just might be the death of me.
Not really, but suffice it to say:  moving sucks!

I took some pictures of the jumbled mess that is my new living room, but as is the way with moving, I can't find the cord that hooks my iphone to my mac.  That post will have to wait.

Here are some pictures of my life at the moment:

 Yes, I have fallen off the "no-sugar wagon" and am completely addicted to banana babies.  They are yummy frozen treats that make me happy.  Sorry, Sarah, if this makes you think less of me.

 And of course, my bff:  coffee.  Hot in the morning, iced in the afternoon.

Through all the headaches though, I will say this:  I LOVE our sweet rental.  I love the location, I love that I'm not in the woods anymore (- a friend of mine says that living in the woods is like living in a vagina.  I never realized that until being someplace where the sun actually shines through the windows!  Woo-hoo -- We are out of the woo-woo), I love the newness of everything, the bathtub in our master-bath and the fun I'm having decorating.

On another note, I am so glad Cathy is gone.  
photo snagged from MFAMB -- the best recapper ever!
She was such a know-it-all know-nothing.  And quite bitchy!!  I never would've watched her show if she had won.  Never in a million years!!


  1. Hi Anita..I love the wood/vagina comparison...made me giggle...glad you're
    settling in and love your rental...keep the coffee favourite too!

  2. I knew you'd be happy!! Cannot wait to see pics! Find that cord!!!!


  3. moving totally sucks
    it's seriously on the list of things that stress a person out the most like marriage, divorce, births, and deaths.

  4. I do not envy your moving adventure, but how smart to get through it with sugar and caffeine.

  5. I'm so glad that you're happy with your new place. Moving is never fun, but hopefully you will feel at home in no time!

  6. Dude... eat all the banana babies you can. They will stabilize your stress level. If I were moving right now, I'd be on a diet of Oreo Blizzards and cigarettes. I'm thinking of you and sending thoughts for a smooth transition. xoxo

  7. ANITA, I almost fell off my chair!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE you!
    Tell it like, it is GIRLFRIEND!

  8. "living in a vagina.." hahahahahahahaha..funniest thing I've read all day.

    Moving does suck.. STILL have boxes at our house *sigh*

  9. I've never had banana babies, but I want a box! Cathy was so bad, so bossy, and so so annoying to listen to. So glad she's gone too. Get some rest and I'm with Jen find that cord!

  10. I agree on the departure of Cathy...I have not gotten over the idea of the "molding" in that bed and breakfast disaster she did. YIKES!


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