Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Thursday and My Legs are Visibly Fatter

So with that in mind, I thought I'd do a post on pretty headboards.   
Don't ask....there is no correlation between these things.

 This one is my favorite!

And so in keeping with the randomness of this post, I need your help.

My new kitchen is at ground level with windows from ceiling to about 3 feet off the floor.  I love the light, but I don't like feeling like I'm living in a fish bowl.  Especially when I get up in the morning and make coffee in my pj's.  
I need some sort of window covering that isn't permanent, isn't dumb-looking, and isn't see-through.
Can I get away with little cafe curtains on a tension rod?  Or are they silly?



  1. LOVE that last shot. I think you can definitely get away with the cafe curtains as long as you don't puck a cutesy fabric - obviously no eyelet!

  2. Anita I love the artful headboards and that Eiffel Tower, wow!!

    What about bamboo shades for the kitchen?

    Miss your visits girlfriend!


    Art by Karena

  3. Oh my, that third room is positively delectable.
    As for your window dilemma -- hard to say without a visual.
    When it comes to thickening legs, hm, that's a toughie.
    Perhaps a walk and plenty of flushing by way of water and proteins ;)
    Cheers, Alcira

  4. OK about the thigh report on those luscious thighs, good thing I didn't have to pee & luckily didnt fall off chair.
    Cafe curtains, love...... for now Im loving burlap (as you know comes in diff weaves) IMO is calming, a nuetral(I know about you & colors, Anita:)! can be lined actually I think could be really cool lined w/contrasting color, ok, purple, fine, wink! HEY one of those deep gray-purples? I like texture, burlap. & I do not mean a burlap sack curtain. OH I have some stamped (think from Colombia, planting pots came in, drug edgy ha) They may be really cool looking, with work, MAYbe coffee beans came in at one time, will ck. hummmmm

  5. A translucent (not transparent) roller shade is a clean option. A top down roman shade is another. Stop by my office sometime and I'll show you some ideas... :)

    Fifth Wall Design Group

  6. In Europe they use opaque window stencils: I've seen them in France and in Holland. And I know,,,,somewhere....I've seen them on line! It's a wonderful solution to add light and yet keep the privacy. Let us know if you find some!

  7. I call bullshit on the fat legs comment. You're crazy! I know this may be to "cottagey" but even shutters halfway down are cute? Or an awesome folding screen with good light cut-outs?

  8. I am all for shutters! I have lived with them for years, and even in a rental I have just set them in he window frame and moved on with them. They are the best and never go out of style if you ask me. You asked right?


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