Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Remember When She Was a Little Girl....

Boy, do I feel old.

She resembles her momma, yes?

Photos of Frances Bean Cobain taken by 


  1. She just gets more and more beautiful. I love these shots but they don't do her justice since you can't see those insanely bluer than blue eyes she got from her pops.

    I remember thinking Francis BEAN? Why would anyone call their kid Bean? Well, guess what our kiddo's nick-name is, what she answers to and what everyone we know calls her? Yup, Bean. She was such a itty bitty when she was born I called her my little garbanzo bean and it just stuck.

  2. Yes, that same haunting look - my how time flies!!

  3. Makes me feel so old! She does look like her mum, but I do see her dad in her too. These pics are just amazing aren't they x

  4. STUNNING! & so very captivating. WOW!


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