Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's Talk About It!

Are you watching?
I can't get enough.

I'll just say this:  Sarah should've been fired a long time ago.  And why does everyone think she's so pretty?  I don't enjoy talking smack about people, but really -- I found her absolutely unattractive.

Tonight's episode is titled 'Don't Be Tardy to the Party'
9:00 EST


  1. LOLOLOLOLOL she had her ok moments.. but I think her crassness made her really unattractive.

    Jeff is a crack up!

  2. Jones here. Flipping Out is one of my top 3 favorite shows on Bravo and I have watched it since the beginning. I appreciate that he works hard and strives for perfection. I watch it when I can and I learn from it in an udiscomfortable way.

  3. Jones! We need to have a Flipping Out watching party.

  4. Agreed! She was a plump little thing with a bad dye job and bad choice of lipstick. But she was kinda funny. I'm over the beauty salon renovation but LOVE that bitchy wig-wearing lady that hates Jenny.

  5. Did you see the previews for next week, Jen??
    OMG - that woman is meeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnnn.
    She hates Jenny so much....

  6. I totally agree...she took time for a make over (?) and unfortunately she is in the family for Jeff. Trace gets busted and drives off in his Range Rover and I have high hopes for the newly promoted house boy.
    This is such a great show and I loved the way Jeff solved the problem of the tiles...we all know how these things happen. It's all about finding a solution.
    Jeff is simply fabulous!


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