Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Silver Lining

One (very) good thing about this move we're going through is the fact that hubby and I will get a TUB in our new master bath.
Granted, it looks nothing like any of the following photos (think builder grade shower/tub circa 2006 construction), but it's a tub nonetheless!

Our current master bath only has a shower, so if either of us wants to take a bath, and usually it's hubby who likes to soak(!) we have to go to the boy's bathroom -- which is also the "hall"/public bathroom.

I say hell yeah to a private soak!!  No more walking through the house in a towel! 
Yes, ya'll, I'm holding onto little things like this that will buoy me through the move...we start today.

I can only imagine that a lovely shade of pink like this would make your skin look pretty.

And you can be certain that one of my first purchases from ROXIE DAISY will be a bottle of Lollia bubble bath!  :)

Wish - Foaming Bubble Bath

Key ingredients:  A Burst of Italian Bergamot mingles with notes of Cinnamon and Pepper, Rice Flower with accents of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, all wrapped in sheer Amber Woods and Vanilla Bean.
 Have a great day! 
bathroom photos:  redonline


  1. Yay for you!! Builder grade is a'ight by me sister! We still have ours and it's all good when the soak is on. Like you said, it's a private tub which you will LOVE.

  2. Um, HELLO blush bathroom! Yeah, the Missus of the house deserves her own place for Calgon moments - woo hoo!!!

  3. Perfect! I soak every single NIGHT, every. Is my "cocktail" of choice. Lollia makes best bubble bath EVER. Michelle gifted me with bottle, Ive gifted my daughter! & now ROXY DAISY has made gifting "Easy as (a soaking) Sunday Morning"! Love it & Anita jump IN:)


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