Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 OK -- do you think it's just the daily 2-3 hour workouts, olive puree cleanser, vitamin D3, fish oil, cucumber juice and chlorophyll???

 Because if her daily regimen has her looking like this at age 66, sign me up!!

(Minus the 2-3 hour daily workout....I know myself better than that.)

But let's hear it -- do you think there's been a little nip here and tuck there over the years?  Or is looking this good (at any age!) possible with some cucumber juice?

Read the interview with designer Norma Kamali here.


  1. I have been in LOVE with everything about Norma Kamali, since (guess) age 17. The first piece of clothing (black velvet textured jacket, still have) I considered real was Norma Kamali.Then came her swimsuits, loved & fierce(some maybe too much so, or not:). IMO NK is a cracking GODDESS on every level! Her regime? nope, couldn't do most, but some, of course.
    Thanks Anita, a reminder & lovely memory TIDAL wave!

  2. Nipped, tucked, plucked.

    Come on now, you can take care of yourself and look good for your age but you still age.

    Sell me clothes not lies.

  3. photoshop and tinted glasses help too

  4. I'm always up for a new product or a beauty habit I can adopt. But.. I really, really hate it when women (of a certain age) proclaim it's all in the workouts and in this case the "cucumber juice." Seriously - I suppose gravity passed over her and went to some other 66 year old woman. Fess up Norma.


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