Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boy, It's Humid And I'm Inching Away From Contemporary

The humidity is making me puffy and making my hair 3 times its normal size.
(My hair is big to begin with so this is crazy-town big.  If you have ANY recommendations on making big hair less big; pass them along.  But know that I've probably tried them already....)

Not me, but it could be!

Enough of my hair woes...let's look at pretty rooms. 
I think I'm moving toward a more rustic, linen-y, antique, woodsy, dark sensibility.  Maybe because it's fall, or maybe it's because I'm older(?), but these photos are speaking to me.

 Have a great Thursday!  xo

photos 2-5:  Nicolas Tosi


  1. Word on the street is this stuff is A-Mazing.

  2. Oh Hay-sus,

    Sadly my hair doesn't boast the kind of volume to where I could come to your aid on that front, however, these rooms are superb.
    Cheers, Alcira

  3. Jen! That looks too good to be true, but I'll try it -- I try every hair product trying to find *the one*.


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