Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Color Goddess

I am a huge fan of Maria Killam and her blog, Colour Me Happy.
I wish I could see through her eyes for just one day.

If you have ANY question about color you will more than likely find the answer on her blog.
A recent post is worth a click-through and a read:

I think the good news for all of us is that you don't have to go all crazy-ass coocoo (see below) to bring color into your life.  

no diss to Betsey Johnson, but she can get over the top with her color picks, yes?

unknown source

Have a fantastic Thursday!  Aren't you happy the weekend is near?!


  1. Oh yes, love her blog. In fact, haven't had a chance to visit lately - will have to pop over again!! Thank you for the reminder!

  2. I adore Maria, she is always so on spot and refreshing!

    Oh and Buried Treasure with my faves the Keno Bothers! I just watched it last night, love it!!


    Art by Karena


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