Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Right then. 
Today's post is in direct response to seeing this new British online magazine, combined with thoughts about the bloggers who are attending Blog Tour 2011 in LONDON!  (God, I love that city.  And chilly, rainy, autumn mornings bring me back to when I was there as a student -- Semester Abroad circa way-too-long-ago.)

Anyway, the lucky ones who will be attending (you know who you are) will no doubt have an amazing time!

 All pictures are from said fantastic British online magazine:  

A great read if you're a freak about England like I am.

all photos:  HeartHome


  1. I love London too, and only got to visit for 4 days, way too long ago.

    PS you don't have to be the cheerleader all the time. I feel your pain. 18 months of cheerleading and then I turned into bitch from hell. So give yourself a break.

  2. Hello luv! x

    I too am mad about London - it was my home for 8 years, before I moved to Sydney.. It has so much to offer on so many levels, and I have the best memories from there.

    I had no idea about this magazine, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    Big hugs

    xx C

  3. gah! such gorgeous pictures! i have only been to london once. and i was ready to move there! i just loved it. hope to go there again one of these days!


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