Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The latest issue of Anthology magazine (have you seen it?) is themed 'going global.'  The editors were right in choosing to interview Keith Johnson; a guy with his finger on the pulse of all things global.

Lucky us!  We get to see some pictures from his home in NYC.

 I love this photograph of an elderly Swedish dress designer.  Who is she? 

Oh, and speaking of Anthropologie, I. Want. This. Skirt.

and these shoes.

(They're lined with shearling....I wouldn't have want to wear another pair of shoes all winter.) 


  1. LOVE Johnson's apartment - how FABULOUS!! And couldn't agree more - and exactly what I wrote about today - keeping it personal is what makes good design interesting!!

  2. His living room / den is stunning. Such a perfect eclectic mix. And hell-yeah to that striped skirt!


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