Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was raised by a mother who made me write Thank-You notes.  I wrote them as a child, I wrote them as a teenager, I wrote them as a newly-wed and for presents given in the years following.  And then I stopped.  I rarely (shame-on-me!) write a thank you note anymore.  What is wrong with me?  I mean, seriously, it takes about two seconds and it's just the right thing to do.  I hereby resolve to send a nice note for every Christmas present I receive this year.

ANYHOO, if you are quite brazen, self-righteous, or just plain FUNNY, you should buy these cards and send them to the people who didn't write a thank-you note for your generous gift.

I deserve this card.
If you send me this I will laugh my ass off and accept it graciously.
Because, really - thank you so much for your lovely gift!


  1. Those are awesome! I'm on the fence with Thank you's for Xmas. Somehow it just seems weird to send your whole family Thank You cards. I guess if the gift is from someone not close to you then yeah? I dunno. I always send them for Bdays, etc. but Xmas, not so much.

  2. i write thank you cards. i love stationery, so it gives me an excuse to buy more and more of it.

    i also have a habit of saying YOU'RE WELCOME to jerk offs in the real world. particularly the type that i open a door for, or let in in traffic, and they don't even acknowledge how nice i have been. maybe i should throw one of these cards at them?! maybe!


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