Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Damn!

Know any hot sauce lovers?  This would make a most excellent Christmas present!
"Every year, a portion of the finest peppers grown on Avery Island, Louisiana are hand-selected by members of the McIlhenny family for their superior color, texture and robustness. These special peppers are mashed with a small amount of Avery Island salt, placed in white oak barrels and aged for approximately three years. From time to time, however, some of this pepper mash is left to age for an extended period - some of it for up to eight years. This Family Reserve pepper mash is then blended with premium white wine vinegar, strained and bottled as a small batch of TABASCO® Pepper Sauce that has traditionally been available only to McIlhenny family members and close family friends. Occasionally, a limited edition of this full-bodied sauce is specially packaged and made available to the public." -- Tabasco Website
$24.95 - Order HERE

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  1. hmm. that is a most excellent gift idea! FOR MYSELF! my familiy and friends are a bunch of wusses. they can barely handle salsa!

    p.s. i have a friend ( that can't even handle chewing big red because it is "too spicy". LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    one more thing...i love your comments! you are the best! :)

  2. Oh this is the perfect gift for my daughter Kate...she LOVES hot sauce! Perfect Thanks Anita!

  3. I love this sauce...the hotter the better for me :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Anita.

  4. Hi: Thanks for visiting my website and looking for a chance to win our amazing tortoise shell chest. I'm following you now, and will confess to living in Texas Pete country!

  5. Anita, my Dad! Perfect he will love this!!. I have a friend who one year filled a basket with every kind of hot sauce she could find for her husband!


    Art by Karena

  6. Yummmm, your description alone makes me want to buy this for myself, but I think I will instead by it for someone! What a great idea!



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