Sunday, November 20, 2011


What will you be cooking for Thanksgiving?  Are you in charge of the whole shebang or do you get some help?

We'll be going to Maryland.  A huge feast will ensue with all the Thanksgiving revelers contributing.  I'm off the hook, really, because I've been assigned "drinks."  (I hope they're not expecting booze -- I haven't had a drink in years and I'm sure as hell not starting now(!)
Anyway, assignment or not, it doesn't feel right to not cook something for Thanksgiving.  Maybe I'll bake some cookies.


  1. I'm off the hook for this year. I'll probably buy a dessert or something but other than that...

  2. Doing it all by myself for the 15th consecutive year! Found you because you commented right after me on Tina's blog saying you wanted to know who made the beyond nasty comment, too.....glad I'm not the only one! Happy to be a new follower here!

  3. Hi Stacy! I really was glad not to be only one to want to know!!!
    Thanks so much for coming by my little blog.

  4. I will most def NOT be cooking. BUT get to met a special chef in AZ & think others ones.
    I will gladly wash dishes. & jump in a pool:) whew.
    Make the cookies, make them easy(I love oatmeal with choc chips rather than raisins or even those toffee chips:) & and hot apple cider, with cinn. sticks. That sounds nice, should they wish can spike the hell out of, ha. & dip cookies:)

  5. Yup, I'm cooking.. everything. Looking forward to it. Gonna put on some jazz and sip wine and cook and bake to my heart's content.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Anita!


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