Monday, November 21, 2011

A Home In Holland

Just some pretty pictures of a lovely home in Holland....
Happy Monday!

This old barn door is amazing!  I love elements like this in a home.

I just need to say; please send cyber-hugs and healing thoughts to sweet Alison.  She is suffering with a tragic loss. xo


  1. The home is beautiful - that outside space alone is amazing.

    I just read about Alison's miscarriage. I'm heartbroken for them. What an incredible loss.

  2. I could move right in ! Are those concrete stained stairs?! LOVE LOVE LOVE em. The barn door on the track is FAB..of course I am a barn lover. I just installed a door in our house on a track. It is so creative and gorgeous to install doors that way. Now, I want to keep running around the house and find new places to install doors on tracks !!
    Thanks for the inspirational photos. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi there, Lynne! Welcome; thanks for commenting!

  4. Sigh. So pretty. I just love barn doors!


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